This study was designed to find out the effect of selected Yogic practice and Aerobic training on body composition (percent body fat) among College Women students. To achieve the purpose of the study, seventy five students were randomly selected from various departments of Annamalai University as subjects. All subjects were with normal and healthy bodies and their age ranged from eighteen to twenty two years (18-22). The selected subjects were divided into two experimental groups and one Control Group no step was taken to equate the group in any manner. Group I Control Group, Group II underwent Yogic Practices; Group III underwent Aerobic Training for three alternate days in a week for a period of Six weeks. The dependent variable selected for this study was percent body fat and it was measured by using skin fold caliber. All the subjects were tested prior and immediately after the experimental period on percent body fat. The obtained data from the experimental groups before and after the experimental period were statistically analyzed with dependent‘t’-test and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). The result showed that percent body fat tends to decrease in both experimental groups yogic practice group and aerobic training group (p < 0.05). It is concluded that both are effective enough in reducing percent body fat in obese female subjects.


Percent body fat Skin fold caliber Yoga Aerobics


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