The purpose of the present study was to find the effect of endurance and strength training on the muscular endurance of college men. For this purpose, forty-five men students studying of Annamalai University in the age group of 18 – 23 years were selected. They were divided into three equal groups, each group consisted of fifteen subjects, in which group – I underwent endurance training, group – II underwent strength training and group – III acted as a control group who did not participate in any special training. The training period for this study was three days in a week for eight weeks. Prior to and after the training period, the subjects were tested for muscular endurance. The result proved that endurance training displayed mild improvement but strength training elicited greater improvement in muscular endurance. It is concluded that strength training is more suitable for improving core strength than endurance training.


Endurance Strength Muscular endurance Sit-ups


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