Life of every man is ridden by two horses – tradition and technology. The fight in every mind whether to follow tradition or to enjoy the user-friendliness of technology is always evident. In the phase of life’s betterment man is mostly driven by technology. Every test on a traditional practice results in a new technology. That was the ultimate cause of western games to reach the peak in recent years. This article has discussed the traditional heritage of India’s very own sport Kabaddi in line with technology for the game to reach the Olympic podium. Conclusion: Reaching the Olympic podium is possible by winning over the popularity contest. The more the popularity the more are the fan followers. The recent rule changes and advancement in technology has escalated Kabaddi facilitating popularity. Another important avenue is that at least 50 affiliated countries should systematically play the game setting up professional associations. When all these fall in place the Olympic podium will be at a one-step reach.


Kabaddi, Tradition, Technology, Olympic,


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