The purpose of the study was to find out the effect of specific drills training on agility among Nagaland University hockey players. To achieve this purpose of the study, thirty men hockey players were selected as subjects who were from the various schools, Nagaland University, Lumami, Nagaland. The selected subjects were aged between 19 to 24 years. They were divided into two equal groups of fifteen each, Group I underwent specific drills training and Group II acted as control that did not participate in any special training apart from their regular sports and games practices. The subjects were tested on selected criterion variables such as agility prior to any immediately after the training period. The selected criterion variable such as agility was measuring by Hexagon test. The analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to find out the significant differences if any, between the experimental group and control group on selected criterion variable. The 0.05 level of confidence was fixed to test the sign ificance, which was considered as an appropriate. The result of the present study has revealed that there was a significant difference among the experimental and control group on agility.


Specific Training, Drills, Agility, Hockey,


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