Fighting as a sport represents the phenomenon of civilization which involves refined and legalized fight
between two people with strict limitations. Although we find roots of MMA in Ancient Greece, officially it is a relatively
new sport, created at the end of the 20th century. It united all well-known martial arts into one system, and this paper
reflects on the distinguished representative and “modern ambassador” of karate, Lyoto Machida. Machida had 29
official MMA fights in various organizations, and in 2009 he became the world champion at the Ultimate Fighting
Championship, the world’s best MMA organization. The importance of winning this championship is great for karate
and it lies in the confirmation of the applicability of karate in real fight. The aim of this paper is to describe his
successful career in sports and to look into the fighting style which brought him glory.


Unorthodox style, ufc, martial arts,


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