To identify the effectiveness of plyometric exercises to improve muscular strength and achievement in shot put event by students (20-22 years old). The researchers used an experimental method; the sample was formed by students belonging to the institute of physical education & sports, University of Mostaganem (Algeria). Thus it was the application of the experimental method was applied on a sample of third-year students (males) of 45 students divided into two groups, first control group of 22 students and an experimental group of 23 students. While the tests used were (strength test, achievement test). After the treatment of the results by statistical means, and through these results it have been reached several conclusions of them, plyometric Exercises to develop muscular strength and achievement in shot put [discussion significant difference (*p≤0.05)]. And best improve of the experimental sample based on plyometric exercises compared to the control sample, which rely more on the technical side only in shot put event.


Plyometric exercises Explosive strength Digital achievement Shot put


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