To determine the effects of a virtual physical activity (PA) program in college students during social distancing due to COVID-19. 44 college students, male and female. Methods: Participants completed self-reported measures of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, weekly PA, and a short-survey of the educational experience during social distancing. Participants completed the instruments at baseline and after 10-weeks of an on-line virtual PA program. Increased overall PA (p = 0.040) and transportation PA (p = 0.004), leisure-time PA (p = 0.031) domains increased following the program. The sitting time increased following the intervention (p = 0.0001). Students who failed to comply with at least 150 min/week of PA reduced the frequency of positive emotions compared to those who complied (p = 0.017). Social distancing and daily college tasks seem to lessen the effect of PA on sedentary behavior in college students regardless of an increase in PA.


Physical activity Social distancing Virtuality College students


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