The goal of this paper is to determine the injury frequency rate in professional football players in leagues and national competitions by analyzing existing papers. We have chosen 21 articles according to the PRISMA method from the Google Scholar, ResearchGate Scopus, and Web of Science databases that fit both inclusion and exclusion criteria. We have discussed the following four segments based on the content of the selected papers: 1) An analysis of the injury frequency rate on the level of national teams, 2) An analysis of the injury frequency rate in club leagues, 3) A comparison of the injury frequency rate in matches and in practice, and 4) An analysis of the injury frequency rate in male versus female football players. The paper concludes that major national team tournaments have the highest injury frequency rate and that the probability of injury is four to five times higher in a match than in practice. The injury frequency rate in female players is lower than in male players regardless of the type of competition (national teams or leagues).


Injuries in football, Injury frequency, Injury rate, Professional football players,


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