The purpose of this investigation was to investigate how the exercise habits of college students changed during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Data were collected via an online survey distributed through the University of Southern Maine student email distribution list. All current university students were invited to participate in the survey starting in February 2021 through March 2021. The study included a questionnaire designed to capture the exercise habits of university students three months before the lockdown of COVID-19 (January – March 2020) and their exercise habits after a lockdown in (February - April 2021). The survey questions were based on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) physical activity guidelines to analyze the participant's exercise habits. The participants showed a decrease in the exercise along with an increase in weekly sitting time. Before COVID-19, 21.8% of participants were sitting >35 hours per week. After the COVID-19 lockdown, 50.45% of participants were sitting >35 hours per week. The results of this study could be used for further research to promote an increase in exercise at home. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, motivating people to stand and walk more could be the first step in breaking the increase in sitting habits and help to increase exercise habits. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed imposed many restrictions on our daily routines, but it could also guide us to new approaches for prescribing exercise programs in the future.


COVID-19 Physical activity Exercise lockdown Increase sitting


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