The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of different phases of training on aerobic capacity of male handball players. Twelve (12) male handball players were selected. These twelve players represented Annamalai University in South Zone Inter University handball tournament for the year 2011. The criterion variables selected in this study was aerobic capacity, which was measured in treadmill through Bruce treadmill test. Testing took place at four points during the periodized training year; at the beginnings of general preparation (T1), specific preparation (T2), and competition phase beginning (T3) end of competition phases of training and peaking (T4). A full testing battery was conducted at T1 and T4, while two minor testing sessions were conducted at T2 and T3. The ANOVA revealed a significant change in aerobic capacity of handball players during different phases of training (F = 4.953, p < 0.05). Bonferroni post hoc test revealed no significant difference between all comparisons (all ps > 0.05) on aerobic capacity of handball players. It is concluded that aerobic capacity undergoes significant changes during the different phases of training.


Handball, Aerobic Capacity, Male, Preparation, Competition, Periodization,


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