This study was aimed at finding reasons for non- participation of J&K players at world & Olympic level it was carried out with a group of 90 national & 30 international players who were at peak performance level at their tenure. A self-made questionnaire was developed to measure the most important reasons for non-participation of J&K players at world & Olympic level. Among the reasons were cited were lack of sport facilities, political factors, Sports organizing authorities (J&K State sports Council, Directorate of Youth Services & Sports, Directorate of Physical Education & Sports University of J&K, and Associations & State Government) and player himself to some extent. Based on the results of the study, a number of recommendations were made for education managers and sport administrators & concern government. Contributions of the study were highlighted and suggestions for further research made. Results: The results of the study were that the sports organizing authorities, Sports facilities & associations were responsible for non-participation of J&K players at world & Olympic level.


Sports Physical education Facilities Political factors Olympic Equipment


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