To achieve the purpose of this study, a school level taekwondo Athlete were selected from Premier Vidya Vikash School, Coimbatore. The selected (N= 30) thirty subjects were randomly divided into two equal groups (n-15), experimental group named as asana programme and control group. The pre-test was conducted on selected physiological variables (flexibility and balance), for all the groups. The readings were carefully regarded in the respective unit as pre-test score. After pre-test experimental group was treated with sit and reach test and stork balance test programme and the control group was not treated with any special programme. They kept as a control group. The subject was tested on criterion measures on flexibility – Sit and Reach Test and balance- Stroke balance the readings were carefully recorded in their respective units as pre-test score. The experimental groups underwent the respective training schedule one half hour per day in the morning session for a period of six weeks. After completion of 6 weeks of training, all the two groups were tested again on flexibility and balance the scores were recorded in their respected units as post-test scores. The pre and post test scores were taken for appropriate statistical analysis. In order to find out the significant changes if any paired ‘t’ ratio was be applied 0.05 level of confidence. The present study experimented effects of selected asana practices on flexibility and balance among school level taekwondo athlete. The result of this study indicated that there was is a change in flexibility and balance due to the proper planning, preparation, and execution of the training package given to the athlete


Taekwondo, Training, Pre-Test, Post-Test,


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